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Raimat is one of the Codorníu Group’s most historic wineries. Established in 1918 by Don Manuel Raventós, is a pioneer in the innovation of winemaking techniques in addition to experimenting with new grape varieties to improve the quality of its wines. The winery has the largest vineyard area in Europe owned by a single family and as such an example for other wineries. Raimat owes its reputation to the union of two factors: a favourable yet rigorous climate –hot summers and cold winters– and the application of important technological advancements. That Raimat became the highly regarded winery it is today is all the more remarkable when one considers its unusual origins. Imagine a 3,200-hectare expanse of desert, totally barren, save for a castle and a lone tree beside it on a rise overlooking the defiantly plain tract of land. The fact that this could blossom forth into verdant vineyards producing flavor-rich fruit for world-class wines is indeed remarkable and a tribute to Raimat’s pioneering spirit. They have earned prestigious international prizes for the excellent quality of his wines. Raimat’s owner, the Codorníu Group has turned into one of the world’s leading wine–producing companies; its possesses the largest area in Spain of own vineyards, some 3.000 hectares distributed throughout some of the best know wine regions.

Pale yellow with greenish hues, indicative of the wine’s freshness. Brilliance and clarity. The bouquet shows aromas of peach, with floral notes and underlying hints of fresh grass. Pleasant palate entry due to its rounded body. Fruity citrus flavours and notes of white flowers. A long lingering finish with a lot of freshness.

Country: Spain
Grapes: Albarino
ABV: 12.5%
Volume: 75cl
Vintage: 2017

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