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Made as a collaboration between Bartender Ryan Magarian and Portland’s House Spirits Distillery, gin doesn't get much more stylish than Aviation Gin! Using 8 rather unique botanicals, this is a gin that was born for tonic. It's been handcrafted with as much precision as a stealth fighter and it delivers a clean take-off, a smooth ride and a slow landing. That take off is all about beautiful clean juniper, but then you get a gentle lavender with just a twist of citrus all wrapped up in some earthy grains. You can tell this is a tremendous gin as you get that oily mouth feel that only top gun gins like this deliver. During your gin fuelled ride there is that juniper again, big, bold and loud like a jumbo jet. And then the landing. Wow. Settle in as this finish takes some time. Very long but spotlessly clean. Hugely impressive and with all that juniper flavour, it's why it makes one hell of a G&T! We think this may be our new favourite gin..... oh what the hell, yep, this is our new favourite gin. There, we've said it.

Country: USA
Region: Portland, Oregon
Style: Dry Gin
ABV: 42%
Volume: 70cl

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