Ableforth's Bath Tub Navy Strength Gin



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This is the navy strength edition of the famous Bathtub Gin from Ableforth's. As well as boasting a higher ABV than the original Bathtub Gin, this edition also has a bigger taste thanks to the 'bashing up' of the botanicals to release more flavour. On the nose you can immediately this has a serious alcohol content but that is balanced by the big citrus punch and then the juniper and cinnamon and cardamom poke through. The taste though is huge! It's oily and spicy with a citrus backdrop. The juniper is ever present but the finish is insane! Ridiculously long with cinnamon and cloves you'll still be tasting the next morning. We'll be honest, this definitely isn't for the feint hearted, but jeez, if you are seriously into your gin, you absolutely have to try this one. It's so flavour packed its one of the very few genuine sipping gins out there. 

Country: UK
Style: Navy Strength Gin
ABV: 57%
Volume: 70cl

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