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ULTRA is an old bush vine, single vineyard Chenin blanc - and it's a celebration - an outlet… something to make one's heart beat faster!

The mercilessly talented Peiter Walser is the creator of this special wine where only 600 bottles were made. And as ever with wines from Peiter, each one has a story and this is the story of Ultra, told by Pieter himself:

"I met this farmer 6 years ago. He farms in the Swartland, on the border of Darling. He comes across as an extremely traditional kind of farmer. He is a young guy, but lives out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve only ever seen him wearing blue overalls and kaki two-tone shirts. A year ago I was sitting in his kitchen having a cup of tea. He mentioned to me that he is really excited for the upcoming weekend. When I asked why he replied: “do you know the Ultrrrra?” (pronounced with the very typical Swartland rolling r-sound). I didn’t know what he was talking about so he started explaining… and to cut a long story short, he is a closet raver. None of his neighbouring farmers know this about him, but his way of blowing off steam and getting rid of some stress is to go to Cape Town, book himself and his wife into a hotel and dance the night away! Have you ever…

In our modern day lives, stress is a reality and so many friends of mine struggle to get an outlet. And here we have a farmer, a traditional guy in the middle of nowhere with a passion/an outlet - his way of coping with life. I think it’s brilliant.

And I felt that this is a story that needs to be told - So here you have it: ULTRA - an old bush vine, single vineyard Chenin blanc - a celebration - an outlet… something to make one's heart beat faster.

So I did the rave like scene sketch, grafiti-ed a DJ and got the farmer to dance - so you’ll find him in the crowd on the front label."

Country: South Africa
Region: Swartland
Grapes: 100% Chenin Blanc
Vintage: 2020
ABV: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 75cl

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