Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011 Single Malt Whisky



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For many years now Bruichladdich have sought to showcase the phenomenon of “terroir” in single malt whisky – the belief that soil, climate, micro-climate, geographic orientation, natural influences and local weather systems will influence the quality and flavour profile of the spirit, making it a unique expression of ‘place’. Bruichladdich Islay barley 2011 is distilled from barley grown on six western and central Islay farms in 2010.

Bruichladdich has encouraged 17 different farming partners to take on the challenge of growing malting barley on Islay. What started as an exploration of an Islay terroir has evolved into supporting a community whose industry has shifted from fishing and farming to distilling.

Where Bruichladdich has provided an opportunity to diversify, Islay’s farming community have responded with a tolerance of failure and risk. Acting as an unofficial R&D department, their experiences have shaped Bruichladdich’s understanding of barley growing on the west coast of Scotland and have inspired them to act for farming systems of the future.

This is an unpeated whisky that allows the flavours of the malt to shine through.  Fresh fruit flavours of apple, pear, peach and mango are married with soft vanilla and coconut notes.

Country: Scotland
Region:  Islay
Style: Single Malt
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 50% 

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