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The vineyard of château La Croix de Gay is currently run by the Lebreton family heir of a line of Pomerol winemakers that began their trade in 1772 but first arrived in the village in 1477.  The ancestors of the Raynaud-Lebreton family, Mathelin and Michel Barraud, received at this date, as a lease from the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, some lands at the centre of Pomerol. This tenement called the Barrauderie was the land of the current Pétrus, châteaux l’Evangile, la Conseillante, Gazin, Petit Village and Vieux Château Certan. While the 18th century corresponded to the advent of the quality of the vineyards in Saint Emilion and Pomerol, in 1772 the parish registers specify that Jean Brugnet, ancestor (sixth generation) to the current owners of the château La Croix Gay, was winemaker in Pomerol.  Therefore the current owners of the château La Croix Gay is probably one of the oldest winemaker family in Pomerol.

The grape harvest at the Château La Croix de Gay is done manually in small aerated crates to best respect the grapes and follow as closely as possible the production of each plot.

The winemaking and maceration  take place in cement vats, with high thermal inertia and thermoregulation. The original tulip flower corolla-shaped vats optimize the grape pulp/juice contact. The “écoulage” (operations to separate the wine contained in the tanks from the marc formed by the skins and seeds of grapes from which the wine gets its structure, volume and flavorings), unveils a black juice, thick, with purple tints, the aromas of concentrated fruit and of a perfect balance. 

After the “écoulage”, in the first and nowadays one of the only underground aging cellars of Pomerol, the malolactic fermentation takes place in bordeaux barrels of 225 liters (since the 1998 vintage).  The wine is then entirely aged for 18 months to 2 years in French oak barrels from various suppliers. 50% of the barrels are completely new and 50% have already experienced the aging of one vintage of Château le Croix de Gay.

Aromas of red cherry, wild strawberry, cedar, wild herbs and coffee are all part of this complex wine.

Country: France 
Merlot, Cabernet Franc 
ABV: 13% 
Vintage: 2013 

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