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Once again Jen and Seb, the talent behind one of our favourite and best selling gins, Manchester Gin, have nailed it with their latest creation. The brilliantly titled "Overboard" is their take on a Navy strength gin. We did suggest they should call it "Greater Manchester Gin" but that got shot down during the creative process. Booo!!

We have to admit Overboard is a cool name. Especially when you hear the background story. It's told if you mix gin with gunpowder, the gunpowder will only ignite if the gin is 57% ABV or higher. Back in the 18th century, to stop light-fingered crew from stealing a swig of gin and replacing it with water, navy gin was deliberately made at 57% and would be regularly tested with gunpowder. If it didn't light, the culprit would be found and you guessed it, tossed overboard.

How true that actually is does get debated rather a lot in the industry, but as Manchester's own Tony Wilson once said; "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". And so we have it, a super strength gin from Manchester. In terms of what to expect to taste from the gin, while you will notice the extra alcohol you will still be able to get the smoothness and sweetness that is synonymous with the Gold Medal winning Original Manchester Gin, and once you add a little tonic the citrus notes will open up and come alive.

Perfect serve for this is a lot of courage, a huge chunk of orange, light tonic and plenty (and we really do mean plenty) of ice!

Country: UK
Region: Manchester
Style: Navy Strength Gin
ABV: 57%
Volume: 50cl

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