Northern Monk Patrons 26.01 Culinary Adventures: Edinburgh



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Northern Monk say:
This is the first beer in a fun new patrons series with Sarah Harris which will focus on re-creating regional specialities in beer form. We start north of the border, where it has been proven that there are few delicacies which aren’t improved by some batter and a plunge into the deep fat fryer. Few creations are more famous that the deep-fried mars bar, so we set about the fun task of how to replicate that sticky, caramel-rich flavour.

We also invited some fun lads from Leith to join in. Whilst best known for their social media account, Pilot Beer brew some pretty tasty beers and were straight down to assist our wacky experiments! Over a grist featuring some brown and chocolate malts, light and dark variants of crystal malt and plenty of rounding flaked oats; we added copious amounts of caramel as well as lactose milk sugar to accentuate the milk chocolate character we were seeking. We further bulked out the mouthfeel with maltodextrin. In fermentation we added chocolate and vanilla to seal the deal, to result a rich and sticky stout that transports you to a chippy off the quayside of Leith.

Style: Stout

Size: 440ml Can

Origin: UK

ABV: 6.5%

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