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Pike Creek 10 Year Old Canadian Whisky
Pike Creek 10 Year Old Canadian Whisky

Pike Creek 10 Year Old Canadian Whisky

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The esteemed Pike Creek 10 Year Old is a superb Canadian whisky that undergoes a finishing process in rum barrels prior to bottling (previously it was finished in Port casks, but the producer transitioned to rum barrels sometime in the 2010s). This exceptional offering not only delivers outstanding quality but also provides excellent value for the discerning whisky enthusiast.

Matured in a non-climate controlled warehouse, Pike Creek is truly a product of its environment. Resting in oak casks for a minimum of 10 years, while enduring scorching summers and bone-chilling winters, these dramatic swings in temperature give Pike Creek its unmistakable character, flavour and colour.

A complexity of sweet dried fruits with underlying peppery spice and subtle toffee notes.

A full and robust body with a well-balanced blend of sweet rum, dried fruit, vanilla and toffee.

Warm and smooth – a pleasant rum finish with lingering rye spices.

Country: Canada
Style: Blended Whisky
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 42%