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Purist Black 57 Gin
Purist Black 57 Gin

Purist Black 57 Gin

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Distilled at 57% ABV, Purist Black packs a punch. The additional distilled gin allows for far more botanicals, resulting in a much more pronounced flavour. The distiller uses a single-shot process, meaning they add only water after distillation, which is what makes this gin ultra-smooth and extra-drinkable, even at 57% ABV.

Key botanicals: Yuzu, Juniper, Coriander, Almond powder, Cassia and citrus peel.

Purist Black 57 is a navy-strength gin giving a more rich, complex take on the award-winning Purist Recipe. The addition of extra distilled gin is best used in cocktails and brave G&Ts!

Region: Scotland, Glasgow
Navy Strength