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Zymurgorium Sloe Gin
Zymurgorium Sloe Gin

Zymurgorium Sloe Gin

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Sometimes it’s good to sit back after a long day saving the world and kick back with an old time classic but don’t worry this isn’t any old sloe gin… well actually it’s older!

Like many a hero this is a blast from past smashing the time space continuum is an old family recipe born a new to rescue you from classless, flavoured, sugar syrup excuses for Sloe Gins today.

This old bold champion made from a greater amount of Sloes called up for duty from the Greater Manchester greenbelt, North Cheshire, Lancashire and the Pennines. They are first juiced and then the skins thrown back in for good measure. There is less sugar meaning there is a real flavour of the Sloes and Gin and left between 6-9 months in the tub soaking!

That’s where the history lesson ends girls and boys for although the recipe is old the gin used is only our herbal-spicy headliner the ‘Original Manchester Gin’ loading up this gin up with boodles of taste and aroma!

Although delicious to drink neat, this is also a surprisingly versatile mixer which pairs well with Prosecco, lemonade, tonic water, ginger beer and with the spicy notes it makes the best instant mulled wine!

Country: England
Region: Manchester
Style:  Sloe Gin
ABV: 40%
Volume: 50cl