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Some interesting facts about Kwoff

...well we think they are interesting anyway!

We're having a lot of fun creating this new wine shopping experience for you so we thought we'd give you some facts about the business and our experiences so far. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading them.

1. The name "Kwoff" was thought up by Peter (our 63 year old Dad!) who when we suggested we needed one word that was quite "webby" and wasn't registered, he came up with it after just 4 attempts! 2 hours later and we couldn't think of anything better and now it seems like there was never any doubt we would be called Kwoff.

2. The entire shop interior has been created by David even though he has never done anything like it before. In fact we weren't even sure he knew what a hammer was before he started! Come down and have a look. It's very impressive.

3. Much of the shelving in the shop was actually donated to us by Manchester University who were throwing it out. 

4. You would not believe how difficult it is to get someone to create the sign we have above the door. We asked 10 companies to quote, only 2 did. One was far too expensive and the other dropped out before making it. We were about to give up and get something boring until we struck lucky and found the bulbs ourselves and managed to find another supplier to build the housings. We're pretty chuffed with the results. 

5. Wondering why we have loads of photos of tattooed people on our website? Well before we took over the shop at 8 Silver Street, it used to be a tattoo parlour so this is our homage to it's former life. 

6. Did you know that our shop once used to be a bank? Well it did, and we've got a 12 inch steel walled vault in the cellar to prove it. Eventually we're going to open up the cellar and the vault as extra retail space. And yes... of course we'll be putting all our fine wines in "the vault".

7. Sourcing great wine is harder than you think. We've e-mailed over 200 companies to find out how we can get their wine in the UK. Only around 20% bothered responding. Amazing. How some people stay in business we will never know.

Right, that's enough for now. We might have another "interesting facts" blog update in a few months. 


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