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Old Git Gin
Old Git Gin

Old Git Gin

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Back by popular demand, the Old Git returns and this time he claims to know a thing or two about gin!

Yes, he’ll drone on about how the nation’s favourite spirit ‘isn’t made like it used to be’, in fact for this Old Git nothing ever is…Well, this time he’s wrong, because here’s a gin that actually is!

Old Git Gin is a gin made just as it should be. Traditionally double distilled in two-hundred litre copper alembic stills, with a handful of heady botanicals, for a racy gin packed with charm, that will delight even the stiffest of gin bores. No corners were cut when it comes to the gin inside the bottle. Distilled by one of the UK’s finest Master Distillers, using only the highest quality ingredients and diligent distillation methods. A small batch gin made from scratch using English sugar-beet. Double distilled for extra flavour and an exceptionally smooth finish. This gin is Juniper led and refreshingly dry. Full of citrus notes and summer berry richness with a smooth cardamom finish. Best served over ice garnished with a wedge of fresh orange or pink grapefruit.

Country: England
Region: East Sussex
ABV: 41%
Size: 50cl
Style: Traditional Gin

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans