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Zymurgorium - The Original Manchester Gin
Zymurgorium - The Original Manchester Gin

Zymurgorium - The Original Manchester Gin

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The award winning mead has gone into producing Their Vodka which is then rectified with over 20 botanicals to make this beautifully complex and aromatic gin!

Distilled with over 20 luscious botanicals this is Manchester’s first original gin branded around Manchester and an honour to Manchester’s innovational history as they are using their new patent-pending still called ‘Waggle Dancer’ (some people are calling them the new ”Thomas Dakin” in the Gin world to which I surely cannot comment but a much appreciated compliment) which uses barely any energy or heat therefore retains the full density of aroma and taste better than even a vacuum still!

Some of the botanicals in their Manchester Gin have been seen before when they have distilled for their Manchester Gin Liqueurs such as foraged British juniper, organic coriander, organic caraway, homegrown raspberries, Angelica, Orris root however some of the botanicals are completely novel to the Gin world which again is a celebration of innovation when talking about Manchester’s First Gin. The main ingredient however is honey as it makes the base of their Manchester Vodka that makes the Manchester Gin this is because of their mead background but is also a representation of Manchester’s Motif.