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Buy Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur at Kwoff
Buy Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur at Kwoff

Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur

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Zymurgorium Gin from Manchester have done it again with this gin liqueur. With the UK going completely crazy for their Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, those in the know reckon this is the best thing they produce. So who are we to argue?! 

Zymurgorium Turkish Delight will transport you straight back to summer on the Turkey coast. With hints of rose petals, mint and a clean and crisp aftertaste of juniperTurkish Delight Gin Liqueur is a must try for gin lovers looking for something a little different. And speaking of different. The perfect serve for this gin uses ginger ale instead of tonic and garnish with a mint sprig. As ever with Zymurgorium gins, you won't find Turkish Delight Liqueur in supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury's or Asda as they stand by their craft heritage and ensure this is only available in independent shops like ours.

Oh, and fun fact! The reason Zymurgorium has a bee on the logo is for two reasons. First the worker bee is a symbol for Manchester where this gin is made, but second, Zymurgorium's standard gins are made from a mead based spirit rather than the traditional corn based spirit most gins are distilled from. So now you know...

Country: UK
Region: Manchester
Style: Gin Liqueur
ABV: 18.7%
Volume: 50cl