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Salford Coffee Rum Limited Edition
Salford Coffee Rum Limited Edition

Salford Coffee Rum Limited Edition

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The Salford Rum Company is a celebration of the history, heritage and people of Salford Docks throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's. During this era, Salford Docks grew to be the third largest port in the UK, and amongst the industrial imports of the time, were rums, fruits and spices from the Caribbean.

Salford Coffee Rum is distilled using the original white rum base with cocoa, almond and cinnamon before being blended with a cold brew coffee made using Salford Roasters Signature Blend. The finished coffee rum delivers notes of vanilla, chocolate, almond and molasses and works perfecting in an Espresso Rumtini: Salford Coffee Rum - 50ml, Fresh Espresso - 40ml, Sugar Syrup - 20ml

or a Dockyard Brew: Salford Coffee Rum - 50ml Fresh Brewed Coffee - 150ml,  Sugar Syrup - 15ml, Double Cream - 50ml garnished with chocolate sprinkles.

As ever, the bottle design features the old dock doodle design by Dave Draws, this time in a brown frosted bottle with gold print and the Salford Roasters logo features on the front also.

Only 1500 bottles have been produced and these limited bottles are from Batch 2 of 5.

Country: England
Region: Salford
Style: Flavoured Rum
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 37.5%