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Quinta do Poco do Lobo Sparkling RED Brut
Quinta do Poco do Lobo Sparkling RED Brut

Quinta do Poco do Lobo Sparkling RED Brut

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Quinta do Poco do Lobo Sparkling Red Brut.

Color grenade. Intense aroma, with notes of black, balsamic, aniseed and vegetable berries (pepper) characteristic of the caste. It has a smooth and creamy attack, a moderate acidity and beautiful gustatory persistence. We would describe this as a dry red sparkling wine.

The grapes harvested at the optimum moment of maturation for the preparation of the sparkling wine, fermented, after total destemming, in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, followed by the malolactic fermentation after distillation. The elaboration, following the classical method, began in March with the drawing, and the refermentation took place in the basement for 20 days at 15 ºC, followed by a period of bottle aging, on lees, of 45 months, for the First batch, in December.

Excellent as an aperetif, and with light meals and roasts or even desserts.

A great Sparkling Red Wine. Serve slightly chilled from the fridge. We personally only put in for 20-30 minutes, as not to over chill the wine and kill the great sophisticated tones in this Sparkling wine. A great show stopper.

Country: Portugal
Region: Bairrada
ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: 2021
Bottle Size: 75cl