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Sphere English Botanical Vodka Grapefruit
Sphere English Botanical Vodka Grapefruit

Manchester Spirit Sphere Grapefruit Vodka

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We’re very excited to share one of the new range of flavoured vodkas from the wonderful makers of Manchester Gin. They have worked hard to bring you clean flavours that taste like the real ingredients.

By using roto-vap distillation, which uses high pressure and lower distillation temperatures than traditional distillation, they have harnessed the rich, bright flavours of fresh ingredients. These vodkas are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients.

Developed in 2019 as the perfect cocktail vodka for the bar, Three Little Words, this classic, clean vodka has an almost creamy mouthfeel and has gone on to win a Master, the highest medal at The Spirits Masters.

For the citrus expression Sphere Grapefruit Vodka, the juicy character of freshly peeled grapefruit has been captured; the perfect balance of citrus sweet with a pithy bitterness. We've tried it and we love it!

Country: UK
Region: Manchester
ABV: 40%
Style: Flavoured Vodka
Volume: 70cl