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Ai Galera Mistico White
Ai Galera Mistico White

Ai Galera Mistico White

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The previously undervalued Tejo region, lying to the south of Lisbon, is capable of producing wines of enormous value and character – something that is captured by Ai Galera. Inspired by the long, and sometimes extremely colourful history of the region – most notably the life of literati Marchioness Leonor of Távora, Ai Galera’s arresting imagery and even more arresting wine quality demands and hollers for your attention! Incredible value, intriguing indigenous varieties and supreme drinkability all add up to wines that thrill.

Ai Galera Mistico wine is golden yellow in colour, with plenty of ripe fruits on the aromas. This is a fresh and gentle wine with a pleasant finish. Lovely as an aperitif with salads or grilled fish.

Country: Portugal
Region: Tejo
Fernão Pires 85% Verdelho 15%
ABV: 12%
Volume: 75cl
Vintage: NV
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes