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Akashi Sake Honjozo Tokubetsu 72cl
Akashi Sake Honjozo Tokubetsu 72cl

Akashi Sake Honjozo Tokubetsu 72cl

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Akashi-Tai brewery has been brewing since 1886, and they still brew by hand with the expertise learned by several generations of family run business. Since Kimio Yonezawa took over they have put the emphasis on innovation to bring their quality sakes up to date. Despite their modernist approach, they are well renowned for producing true Artisan sake, handmade in small batches by their master brewer Kimio Yonezawa (known as a Toji) and his close team of trusted craftsmen. They use traditional methods and only the finest local ingredients, most notably the rice and the water. 

Akashi Sake Honjozo Tokubetsu is a top quality sake and the entry point to Akashi-Tai's connoisseur range. Made with Gohyakumangoku rice milled down to just 60% of its original size, creating a delicate and complex sake with a creamy mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes.

Sake is not a wine, as this implies the fermentation of fructose. It is really a strong rice beer with an ABV up to 20%. However, it is immediately noticeable that the aromas and flavours are more reminiscent of wine than beer.

Country: Japan
Style: Sake
ABV: 15%
Volume: 72cl