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Blackjack Brewing Co Canvas
Blackjack Brewing Co Canvas

Blackjack Brewing Co Canvas

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NZ Hazy Pale

A soft hazy pale using Motueka and Pacific Sunrise hops from New Zealand make this a classic antipodean pale ale. A big malt bill using lots of oats and wheat to give pillowy mouthfeel and residual sweetness, tempered with the smallest hint of bitterness to give some restraint to the sweet juice notes that come through. 

Visual: Hazy soft straw, with a big foamy head.
Aroma: Jelly tot sweets and haribo. Notes of tropical fruit
Taste: Soft tropical fruits: hints of guava, papaya and mango
Mouthfeel: Sweet and pillowy with a luscious mouthfeel

Allergens: Gluten from Barley and Wheat.

Country: England
Region: Manchester
ABV: 4%
Size: 440ml
Style: Pale Ale

Vegan Friendly!