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Blackjack Brewing Co Early-Days
Blackjack Brewing Co Early-Days

Blackjack Brewing Co Early-Days

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Northern Porter 1850's

Inspired by a Whitbread London Porter recipe from 1850, the heyday of porters. We have taken the recipe and used Boddington's yeast to reclaim this beer for Manchester, alongside the northern grown Northern Brewer hop.
A purposefully dark brown (not black) ale that has notes of coffee, chocolate and chicory 
this beer is all about letting those dark malt flavours through with brown malt predominant.

Visual: Dark brown with a soft tan head
Aroma: Soft toasty coffee, chocolate, biscuit and chicory
Taste: Typical dark roasted malt flavours that give way to a sweet finish
Mouthfeel: Full - Medium bodied, with a subtly chewy caramel lacquer

Allergens: Gluten from Barley and Wheat. 

Country: England, UK

Region: Manchester
Style: Porter
ABV: 4.6%
Size: 440ml Can

Vegan friendly !