Callender Peak Chardonnay, Ceres Plateau (6 Bottle Case)

South Africa


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100% fruit from the unique Ceres Plateau appellation. 2 vineyards, one called "Kliptuin" which translates to "stone garden". This is the site the first vines were planted on the farm and another called "Rivierblok" with more sandy soils. Very long cold winters and cooler than normal ripening periods causes these grapes up in the mountains to ripen at least a month or in some years up to 2months later than regions like Stellenbosch. winemaking is kept as basic as possible. Whole bunch pressed to tank to settle overnight without any additions and racked to second and third fill French barriques the next day. Spontaneous fermentation can last up to 6 months. Full malolactic if the wine wants to and after 10 months on the lees the first racking takes place when the wine is blended and returned to barrel for another 2 months before bottling with minimal filtration.

Tasting notes

The nose shows notes of vanilla, toast and some exotic pineapple and lemon nuances. The palate is broad, textured and leesy with hints of honeycomb and some yellow citrus. The acidity is piercing due to no malolactic fermentation in this vintage and gives great focus and backbone to a wine as textured as this.

Food match

Match with grilled prawns, fresh crayfish and other hearty seafood dishes

“The remote cul-de-sac, Witzenberg Valley, which is home to these unusual vines is flanked on one side by the Great Winterhoek range of mountains - the name itself suggesting the extreme winters and imposing mountainous landscape. The terrain is unforgivingly harsh and rocky, with snowfalls on the peaks each winter. More than 30 years ago, the original Chardonnay roots were imported from France for government trials. By chance, after some years they ended up on Bosrivier farm and were casually planted directly into the ground with no rootstock. The farm was a nursery for young deciduous fruit trees and the farmers took scant notice of the vines. Years passed before the Macdonalds were urged by a winemaker to harvest the grapes. When they were eventually harvested and made into 2 barrels of wine, the winemaker on the other side of the Winterhoek mountains (Kronendal) was impressed and excited about the intense, flinty and unusual flavours of the vine. He continued, as a favour to the family, to make the small yield of grapes for a few years, encouraging the Macdonalds to plant more. However, the Macdonalds had apples and pears on their minds and in the meantime sent the grapes to another interested winemaker who had tasted the first vintages – Glen Carlou whose winemaker Finlayson was known for his fine Chardonnays. Again the results were outstanding but still the family did nothing to develop the vines. A few years later, Kevin Grant of Ataraxia bought the grapes and made his superb 2006 Ataraxia Chardonnay with most of this crop, selling the wines for the highest recorded price for Chardonnay at auction . The payment for the grapes was to have been 12 bottles of wine or the cash. It was at this point the family decided to take their grapes more seriously and the journey began! Slowly more vines were planted, concentrating on the Chardonnay. Each year the wines made were of excellent quality but the goal was never to have volume, just quality. In time, the wine was labelled - the highest quality wines were given the name of the highest peak in the valley ‘Callender Peak’. Nothing but the best grapes would be crushed for Callender Peak vintages. The families would keep the volumes low and drink the wine themselves or sell only to their friends. But the farmers were still in love with the name of the overall mountain range ‘ Winterhoek’ and what were they going to do with the grapes that hadn’t made the “AA” cut? They loved that name with its suggestive connotations and despite the fact the name Winterhoek had been ‘taken' way back in the ealy 1900’s, they fought to get it back… and thus the WinterHoek label was born, to grace the bottles of all but the highest end Callender Peak wines. Bit by bit, small quantities of Winterhoek and Callender Peak entered the market and always made by winemakers who understood the meaning of handcrafted wines. The bottles would then be hand-labelled and hand-numbered. One of the winemakers, whose faith and enthusiasm for the grapes and the terrain has never faltered, Donovan Rall, became a partner in the business. Donovan has now been crafting the wines for a few years, guiding the viticulture and refining the vinification with the charateristic flair for which he has become well known”. Marguerite (farm owner)


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