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Chouffe Cherry
Chouffe Cherry

Chouffe Cherry

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Cherry Chouffe is a cherry-flavoured Belgian ale from Brasserie D’Achouffe in Belgium. A strong Belgian ale at 8.0% ABV, Cherry Chouffe heroes the flavour of cherries. This complex ale also reveals notes of strawberry, spices and sweet Port. Pouring a scarlet colour, Cherry Chouffe offers up aromas of ripe cherries and juicy strawberry. The first sip reveals an intense cherry flavour, followed by a pleasant sour-cherry finish. Buy Cherry Chouffe for an in-your-face cherry flavoured beer from Belgian brewery D’Achouffe.

This is the latest addition to the Achouffe Brewery... The aroma of Cherry Chouffe gives pride of place to cherries. It also reveals notes of strawberry, almond, spices and sweet Port. Round-bodied, soft and delicate, Cherry CHOUFFE delights the gourmands among us. It has a satisfying finish, with a very slight bitterness.

    Country: Belgium
    Region: Achouffe
    Style: Fruit Beer
    ABV: 8.0%
    Size: 330ml bottle