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Cima Blanca Malbec
Cima Blanca Malbec

Cima Blanca Malbec

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With around 15,000 hectares under vine, Rivadavia, running east to west along either side of the Tunuyan River, is the second largest subregion in East Mendoza.

Cima Blanca (or White Summit) evokes the white peaks of the Andes that overlook the vineyards of Mendoza. The high altitude produces grapes of intense colour and flavour and this Malbec demonstrates all the intense red and black fruit that you would expect. You can taste every moment of the slow ripening process the mountains gift to the grapes.

Cima Blanca Malbec wine is unoaked to focus on the fresh, primary fruit character. The nose shows fresh plums and blackberries and an enticing palate is packed with black and red-berried fruit. A pure and perfectly balanced wine, with a fresh finish. Pasta with tomato or meat-based sauces, roasted vegetables, or a perfectly grilled steak can be enjoyed with this lovely wine. 

Country: Argentina
Grapes:  100% Malbec
ABV: 12.5%
Volume: 75cl
Suitable for Vegetarians:
Suitable for Vegans: Yes