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Buy Manchester Gin - Signature Original Gin from Kwoff
Buy Manchester Gin - Signature Original Gin from Kwoff

Manchester Gin - Signature

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This is the best gin. This is awesome. This is our biggest selling Traditional gin (and we sell a lot of gin). Full stop. We got on board early with Jen and Seb, and they have grown and grown. We are hugely proud. We always suggest in the shop, because we believe in this gin. It is our go to gin. It is the gin we take home to drink.

Anyway, let's not go on. OUR BIGGEST SELLING GIN.  Sorry. I had to say it. We love that they have taken all those typically Mancunian flavours like Dandelion and Burdock and stuck it in a gin! And what a gin. Smooth and creamy with citrus notes and juniper running amok, this gin is definitely "alright r kid". That initial citrus and juniper taste develops into a peppery, nutty and earthy depth of flavour underpinned by that Dandelion and Burdock root. This handcrafted gin beautifully straddles the line between classic and contemporary. Well done Jenny and Seb, the couple who created the mouthwateringly brilliant Manchester Gin.

Country: UK
Region: Manchester
Style: Traditional Gin
ABV: 42%
Volume: 50cl