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Novas Gran Reserva Chardonnay [Organic]
Novas Gran Reserva Chardonnay [Organic]

Novas Gran Reserva Chardonnay [Organic]

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A classic Casablanca Chardonnay - rich but with a mineral structure. A great food wine.

Marked by the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt Current. Constant humidity and average temperatures of 25ºC in the summer and 14ºC in the winter. The Vineyards were planted in 1993, 4,000 plants/hectare located 370m above sea level, vertically positioned with a northeast-southwest orientation and drip irrigated. Casablanca is a cold-climate valley due to the maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt Current that cools the coastline. The grapes were picked into 400-kg bins and transported to the cellar for immediate chilling. The grapes underwent a selection process on conveyor belts that led to a bladder press for direct pressing. The must was decanted and racked to stainless steel tanks and barrels for fermentation with selected yeasts. Once the alcoholic fermentation was completed, the new wine remained on its lees, which were stirred (battonage) to improve the contact. The wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation. Prior to bottling, the wine was fined with adjusted doses of bentonite and cold stabilized to prevent future tartaric precipitations.

Novas Gran Reserva Chardonnay is pale straw in colour with fruity apricot, quince, and pineapple aromas along with notes of toasted hazelnuts. The palate shows ripe stone fruits balanced with refreshing acidity and good length.

A touch of lightly-toasted oak plus the natural lush texture of a ripe Chardonnay are the key elements that blend perfectly with dark, full-textured fish as well as white meats with mild sauces or accompaniments. It also works very nicely with fish soups.

Country: Chile
Region: Casablanca
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%
ABV: 14% 
Volume: 75cl 
Vintage: 2023
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes 
Suitable for Vegans: