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Ponte da Boga Albarino
Ponte da Boga Albarino

Ponte da Boga Albarino

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Nestled deep in Galicia, in the region of Ribeira Sacra on the banks of the River Sil, the Ponte da Boga winery is set on acutely steep terraced slopes. At harvest time, seasonal workers descend as if on a pilgrimage to help pick the fruit from the steep and narrow terraces. Delicate hands and nimble feet ensure the grapes are passed up the slopes to the winery to begin the next stage of their journey. From vines, often in excess of 100 years old, are fresh elegant expressions of Albarino, Godello, Mencia and rare Merenzao. Cooled by the Atlantic winds and basking in Spanish sunlight these precariously placed vines produce wines of authenticity and heritage.

Ponte da Boga Albarino wine is a greenish yellow colour, with intense and complex notes of lime, lemon marmalade, apricot, rose and lavender with additional smoky notes. Grapefruit, lemon and nectarine are evident on the palate. This fantastic Albarino is excellent with fish and shellfish as well as poultry.

Country: Spain
Ribera Sacra, Galicia
Albarino 100%
Vintage: 2018
ABV: 12.5%
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes 
Suitable for Vegans: Yes