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Acustic Cellars Ritme Priorat
Acustic Cellars Ritme Priorat

Acustic Cellars Ritme Priorat

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The name for this winery is taken from Albert’s unplugged approach to winemaking and his desire to see the terroir shine through in the glass unencumbered by excessive intervention.

Albert started out in Montsant, where he still produces some fantastic wines, but what really piqued our interest was his new project in Priorat. Finding Priorat that isn’t a) extraordinarily expensive and b) seemingly made with 100 points from American critics in mind is not easy, but that is exactly what Albert produces.

These are brilliant, expressive wines from one of Spain’s best regions that don’t break the bank and are refreshingly free of slick, oaky flavours.

Ritme Priorat is a smooth, full-bodied red, with aromas and flavours of redcurrants and dark cherries.

Country: Spain 
Priorat Catalunya
Carignan, Garnacha 
ABV: 14.5% 
Vintage: 2019
Suitable for Vegans: Yes 
Suitable for Vegetarians: