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Santa Tresa Frappato [Organic]
Santa Tresa Frappato [Organic]

Santa Tresa Frappato [Organic]

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The Santa Tresa estate has been producing wine since 1967 and is hidden away in Vittoria, a region which is a winemaker’s paradise in the south of Sicily. The team work in harmony with nature to make expressive, organic wines full of Sicilian character and soul. 

This is an elegant and refreshing, light to medium-bodied wine, which is more delicate than many of the muscular reds of Sicily, yet full of character. The bouquet is fresh and lively, reminiscent of wild strawberries and delicate sweet spices. The palate is smooth and long, with hints of spice. The acidity races through the wine, lifting the fruit and releasing a whole variety of fruit flavours in the mouth.

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Grapes: Frappato 
ABV: 13%
Volume: 75cl
Vintage: 2022

Vegan Friendly