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Scacciadiavoli Grechetto
Scacciadiavoli Grechetto

Scacciadiavoli Grechetto

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Scacciadiavoli Grechetto is from the South East of Tuscany is the land locked region of Umbria. A rugged and wild place, with a long history of wine farming. The whites are often in the fresh, crisp spectrum and for the reds they have a variety which is simply unlike any other, Sagrantino. This indigenous variety is a creator of inky black, powerful, intensely tannic wines. In a sense it might appear too much for the modern world, the antithesis of the crowd pleaser, this is a wine that is for those who want an outlier and something that stands out from the masses.

It is low-yielding but definitely delivers on the quality front. Stainless stell keeps everything fresh and taut.

In one word, ‘tangy’. Like most Italian whites, it’s not an expressly aromatic wine but in the best of both worlds it’s a refreshing, unoaked, zesty white wine with texture and concentration.

Great with sardine and caper salad.

Country: Italy
Region: Umbria
Grapes: Grechetto 100%
ABV: 13% 
Volume: 75cl 
Vintage: 2022
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes 
Suitable for Vegans: